Partnerships Against Impunity: Support to Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, and Accountability Initiatives in Ukraine

ФХ ЛОГОCall for Applications

Issuance Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Application Deadline and Instructions:  Applications must be received by Freedom House by 17:00 EST on September 14, 2016.  All grant applications must be submitted electronically using the online system available here. The online application form will be made available on August 19, 2016. If your organization previously submitted an application to Freedom House, you must create a NEW account for this application as accounts created previously will no longer work.


Freedom House invites applications for funding and support from organizations, campaigns, and/or initiatives that seek to foster greater accountability in Ukrainian society and governance, including within government, local authorities, business, and other sectors. Initiatives aimed at accountability for corruption, human rights abuses, or other violations that are focused on using, developing, or supporting domestic approaches and processes are encouraged. In addition to funding, successful applicants will propose and receive technical support aimed at increasing organizational strength and capacity. Moreover, Freedom House will work closely with partners to leverage their advocacy efforts by working with parallel civil society anti-corruption platforms and international solidarity initiatives.

Founded in 1941 by Eleanor Roosevelt and others, Freedom House is the oldest non-profit, nongovernmental organization in the United States dedicated to promoting and defending democracy and freedom worldwide. Freedom House supports the global expansion of freedom through its advocacy activities, monitoring, and in depth research on the state of freedom, and direct support of democratic reformers throughout the world.

The “Partnerships Against Impunity” assistance program will serve the following objectives:

  1. To financially support advocacy initiatives, public campaigns, and other activities that seek transparency and accountability in governance, public life, and human rights issues;
  2. To provide essential technical support, assistance, and tools to new initiatives or campaigns, in order to leverage their impact to hold the government and public accountable for corruption and/or human rights issues in Ukraine; and
  3. To foster effective engagement with international justice mechanisms through joint domestic and international advocacy initiatives in partnership with Freedom House.

Freedom House will select up to four (4) advocacy initiatives for up to $18,000 in funding each which should:

  • Address corruption in all of its forms and/or human rights challenges in Ukraine;
  • Plan to use domestic and/or international mechanisms to seek accountability for abuses;
  • Have demonstrated an ability during public campaigns to reach regular citizens with clear, unbiased information and analysis;
  • Have demonstrated creativity and dynamism in responding to social, political, and economic changes in Ukraine.

Priority will be given to organizations and initiatives that see themselves as human rights defenders or agents of transparency, accountability, and democratic development. In addition, priority will be given to those initiatives addressing local- or regional-level human rights and/or corruption issues.

Partners will receive one year of financial and technical assistance. Freedom House will support public campaigning, advocacy, and other initiatives that will put pressure on leaders, the authorities, and others to take concrete steps towards holding organizations, institutions, and people accountable for abuses and violations. Freedom House will also leverage and seek to bolster efforts by working with parallel civil society anti-corruption platforms and international solidarity initiatives that will enable fledgling initiatives to magnify their impact and share resources.

Applicants have broad latitude to design projects under this call, but applications will also be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness – does the applicant propose innovative approaches, including through to the use of technology, to distribute its content, engage the public, or cover and report on issues of public interest or concern?
  • Partnerships and engagement – does the applicant have a track record and/or a plan for developing strategic partnerships with the media, civil society organizations, the human rights community, or government agencies?
  • Editorial policy and approach – does the applicant have a clear editorial policy or approach that prioritizes transparency and public service?
  • Audience and reach – does the applicant have a regional or local focus, as well as a clear idea of its current and/or desired audience and how to engage and serve the needs of that audience?
  • Non-discrimination and human rights – does the applicant take into account how nationality, race, language, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation are portrayed in the media and articulate strategies for supporting non-discrimination and inclusiveness? Does their project demonstrate a commitment to and emphasis on human rights?
  • Organizational development readiness – does the application have a clear understanding of in what it needs organizational development assistance in the short and medium terms and is the applicant prepared to work with Freedom House to develop its organizational capacities?

Priority will be given to assistance to regional- and local-level initiatives and campaigns, as well as to those that focus on topics that tend to have regional or thematic gaps. Applications to this announcement should demonstrate an understanding of main organizational and/or campaign shortcomings and a desire to address them with the support of Freedom House. Under this program, Freedom House will provide support to new or ongoing initiatives to put pressure on authorities in Ukraine towards holding people to account for abuses through domestic and international campaigning and advocacy.


Only non-commercial organizations, associations, initiatives, and foundations active in Ukraine are eligible for participation in this program. Individuals and government, quasi-government, or commercial agencies and bodies are not eligible for funding. In order to receive funding, organizations must also be officially registered in Ukraine.


Freedom House intends to fund projects beginning in October 2016. Projects may cost up to $18,000. The distribution of funds will follow selection of advocacy partners and entry into an agreement with between advocacy partners and Freedom House. The majority of activities must take place in Ukraine; international travel and activities conducted outside of Ukraine will be considered on a case-by-case basis within the framework of the project proposal.


  • Applications will be accepted until the closing date noted above;
  • Applications must be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian, or English using the online application form, budget template, and project activities timeline template provided;
  • Applications must be submitted electronically via the online application form. The online application form will be made available on August 19, 2016. Budgets and project activities timelines must be uploaded in the online application using Excel formats by the closing date.


Questions may be sent only electronically to Freedom House at until 17:00 p.m. EST, September 7, 2016.  All questions and answers will be sent to applicants registered on the online application system.

This program is possible through the support of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information about the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visit